Vintage JewelryMichael Cordova
Collectibles, Toys, and Jewlery in booth 032.

Collectibles, Toys, Jewelry, Antique Art found in booth 032

Dealer 032 Collectibles, Jewelry, Art, Toys and a little bit of everything. Find great items in booth 032.  Its loaded full of collectibles, jewelry, art, and ...
Native American Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry: Native American Jewelry, Old Pawn Jewelry

Native American jewelry is a collectible sub division of vintage jewelry.  A lot of native jewelry found in Colorado is from the southwest region of ...
Vintage Jewelry, Costume Jewelry

Vintage Costume Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is classified into many categories.  Costume jewelry is an form of vintage jewelry.  It has been popular for over 250 years.  Consumers wanted inexpensive jewelry ...