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For Our Customers

The staff was polite and prompt to open up cases for me to look at some items I was interested in.  I ended up purchasing them, and they held them at the front desk for me while I continued to shop.  The pieces were already wrapped for me when I was ready to checkout.   The inventory seems to move so quickly here that I come back weekly! [See many more customer reviews]

  • 50,000 + square feet of retail space
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Responsive staff to unlock cases
  • Merchandise carefully wrapped & secured
  • Periodic dealer sales
  • Will call dealers to negotiate price for you
  • Will help you move heavy items

For Our Dealers

I have several locked booths and cases throughout the gallery.  Staff are always located throughout the store to ensure that customers are able to see and/or purchase the item(s) when requested.  The CAG is quick to log my sales as well as send me timely payments.  Highly recommended!  No wonder spaces to rent are sold out for months in advance!

  • Thousands of customers visit weekly
  • We handle all transactions for you
  • You’ll receive a monthly check for your sales
  • We pay and manage all advertising for you
  • We manage locked cases
  • View your current earnings anytime
  • Equipment provided to transport items
  • Additional storage available for a fee

Interested in renting a booth of your own?