Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)admin

What are your hours of operation?
We’re open 7 days a week. Monday-Saturday 10AM-6PM and Sunday 12PM-6PM.

Do you accept checks and credit cards?
Yes, all major credit cards are accepted. Checks must show valid I.D. Bounced checks will result in a $25 fee.

Do you offer appraisals for items?
Sorry, we do not give appraisals.

Will the Colorado Antique Gallery buy items from me that I bring in?
The CAG does not buy items; however, our dealers do! The best time to come in with items is usually between 12PM – 3PM as many dealers are present.

Are prices negotiable?
Often dealers have established their own policy for acceptance of less than their full price, such as “10% off items over $50.00″…or call with offers. The gallery and dealers always want customers to receive the best win-win price.

Should I wait for the next ‘sale’ to buy an item I am interested in?
While CAG dealers may choose their sale dates, the best practice for shopping and purchase is to “buy it when you see it”. As you can imagine, it may well not be there if you don’t.

If the item I buy turns out not to be what I want, may I return it? What if it is not as stated on the tag?
All items are sold as final sales, no items may be returned and customers are encouraged to do their “due diligence” before purchase.

Do I have to pick up my piece of furniture today…I’m in the VW?
No problem, we will keep your item in our warehouse for up to 30 days until you can arrange your pick up day transportation.

Can I have my purchase shipped to me or a third party?
No, CAG does not ship.   We can help package and will point customers to the shipping houses that are within 5 minutes of the Gallery.

Can I speak to the dealer directly to negotiate a price?
There are some dealers who will communicate directly, but for the most part communication is through CAG staff.

If I sign up for CAG emails, are they virus protected and secure?
Absolutely, CAG maintains very strict security on our web site and email account.

Can I become a dealer at the Colorado Antique Gallery?
Please visit us and communicate your interest to become a dealer at the front desk. Our team can show you what booth spaces may be becoming available and what the rent rate will be.