Chris Rodriguez

Collectibles, Toys, and Jewlery in booth 032.



Collectibles can be almost anything, because people collect a wide variety of goods.  Stamps, toys, jewelry and glassware are highly collectible, along with sports cards and many other sought after items.  Another popular collectible is paper money, and coins.  People have collected money for centuries.  Coins and paper money can be extremely valuable.  As a result, people make fake currency to pass off as real.  Collectors are aware of the fake merchandise, and will go as far as x-raying coins to prove their worth.   Coin shops and shows are still prevalent.  The Colorado Antique Gallery has a nice selection of coins.  The front desk will gladly show you where to look.

Depression Glassware

Glassware is highly collectible.  Depression glass got its name because it was given away by companies during the Great Depression.  Movie theatres and restaurants gave it away to customers for their patronage.  Also cereal and food companies put it in food boxes.  The Ohio River Valley was home to many of the glass factories because of excess materials and energy in the region.  As a result of the excess, over 20 makers were in the region creating different patterns of glass.  Companies made complete dinner sets in over a hundred patterns.  Most noteworthy is the number of colors used by the glass makers.  Colors used include ruby red, cobalt blue, amber, black and several more.  Another color is yellow.  Pieces with uranium are yellow and glow under a backlight.  These pieces are also known as Vaseline glass.  

Jadeite is another form of collectible Depression glass.  It has a green opaque look.  Fire King Jadeite is another name for this type of glass.  Anchor Hocking is the company that made jadeite.  Depression glass became collectible in the 1960’s.  The Colorado Antique Gallery has dealers with a vast selection.


Several companies made figurines which have become collectible over time.  Lladro, Hummel, and Royal Doulton are a few famous makers. Figurines come from all over the world.  Hummels are from Germany, and have been made since the 1930’s.  Lladro figurines come from Spain.  Royal Doultons are from England.  Figurines come in all shapes and sizes and you’ll find all different kinds of figurines at our store.