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Michael Cordova

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The Colorado Antique Gallery is a full service, Multi-dealer Antique Mall.

Dealer Success is Our Business

  1. Active Ownership. The Colorado Antique Gallery is a locally owned family business.  Our goal is to provide our dealers and guests with the best experience possible.  We aggressively advertise and market our business and are attentive and responsive to the needs of all involved in our business.
  2. No Dealer Work is Required.  The Sales and Management Staff are full or part-time employees of the Gallery.  Dealers are welcomed and encouraged to work their individual booths as often as they like and are especially encouraged to do so during Mall sponsored special events.  All sales must be processed through the Gallery.  Dealers that are present in the Gallery typically perform the best.
  3. 30 Day Lease.  No security deposit or last month’s rent is required.  A 30 day written notice of termination is all that is required.
  4. Buying Opportunities – Merchandise Referrals. Individuals telephoning or coming into the Gallery with merchandise to sell are referred on a rotating basis to those dealers with booth space in the Gallery.
  5. Special Promotions.  There are numerous special promotions conducted throughout the year via TV and radio ads, social media, newspapers and direct mail creating additional opportunities for increased sales.  There is no additional advertising fee associated with these promotions.  The total cost is paid by the Gallery.
  6. Friendly, Knowledgeable, Active Sales Staff.  The staff works for all dealers.  Dealers will be contacted with reasonable offers.  We are never too busy to phone you in an effort to help make a sale.  The staff will open and show merchandise in locked showcases. 
  7. Merchandise Delivery, Set-up and Handling.  Dealers may bring merchandise to the mall and stock their booths anytime during regular business hours.  Unloading assistance is available for larger pieces being delivered to the Gallery.  Once merchandise is sold or placed on lay-away, it is removed from the sales floor.  Mini warehouse storage is available on the premises at nominal rates.
  8. Accounting Services.  Dealers will receive a comprehensive monthly sales report.  Email reports are sent daily with dealer sales results, excluding holidays.  The Gallery will collect, report, and remit all sales taxes.  The Gallery offers its customers a wide array of payment methods including all of the major credit cards, as well as lay-away, and gift certificates.  Lay-away payments are paid to dealers as received.
  9. Guaranteed Funds.  There is no charge back to dealers for insufficient checks or fraudulent credit card usage by customers.  The Gallery takes full responsibility for all payments that it accepts.
  10.  The Gallery.  An attractive, clean, secure, professionally operated setting is provided to dealers for the display and sale of merchandise.  The Galley is all on ground level and provides its customers with an abundance of off-street parking.   
  11.  Advertising.  There is an extensive local, regional and national marketing plan provided at no additional cost to the dealer.

Thank you for considering the Colorado Antique Gallery!

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    AS OF JULY 1, 2019

    1. Mini Booths:     Range from $110 per month to $155 depending on location and power availability
    2. Showcases:       Range from $55 per month to $160 depending on size
    3. Regular Floor Space:  Is $3.36 a square foot per month.  A 10 X 10 = $336.00 a month.  An 8 X 8 = $215.04 a month.
    4. The Gallery takes a 10% commission on all sales and dealers are responsible for credit card fees.  3.2% for all cards except American Express which is 4.8%.
    5. We do not require any dealer work other than stocking and cleaning your booth.