Collectibles, Toys, and Jewlery in booth 032.

Collectibles, Toys, Jewelry, Antique Art found in booth 032

Dealer 032 Collectibles, Jewelry, Art, Toys and a little bit of everything. Find great items in booth 032.  Its loaded full of collectibles, jewelry, art, and great toys.  Plus treasures, and rare items that are hard to find.  Booth 032 is located on the Santa Fe Aisle at the Colorado Antique Gallery.  While full of merchandise,…

Native American Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry: Native American Jewelry, Old Pawn Jewelry

Native American jewelry is a collectible sub division of vintage jewelry.  A lot of native jewelry found in Colorado is from the southwest region of the USA.  Tribes in the southwest have craftsmen and women creating beautiful designs.  Native Americans wear their designs with pride.  Often the jewelry was made with turquoise, coral and silver. …

Antiques Toys and Collectibles

Collectibles and Collections

Collectibles Coins Collectibles can be almost anything, because people collect a wide variety of goods.  Stamps, toys, jewelry and glassware are highly collectible, along with sports cards and many other sought after items.  Another popular collectible is paper money, and coins.  People have collected money for centuries.  Coins and paper money can be extremely valuable. …

Vintage Jewelry, Costume Jewelry

Vintage Costume Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is classified into many categories.  Costume jewelry is an form of vintage jewelry.  It has been popular for over 250 years.  Consumers wanted inexpensive jewelry to go with their clothes and costumes.  At first jewelers used glass instead of precious stones in the 18th century.   Then jewelers switched to semi precious materials in the 19th century.  …

Asian Breakfront, Antique Furniture, China Cabinet

Antique Furniture: Asian Breakfront

Antique Furniture: Asian Breakfront This beautiful Vintage Asian Breakfront can be found in booth 999 at the end of the Evergreen Aisle.  While you look at this piece be sure to check out the matching pieces located in the same booth.

Antique Furniture Wardrobe

Antique Furniture: Large Antique Wardrobe

Antique Furniture Antique Wardrobe circa 1906 This beautiful antique wardrobe can be found in booth 013 at the end of the Jamison aisle.  In addition to its beauty, the size of this wardrobe makes it a must see. Dealer 013 specializes in antique furniture, and this piece is a show stopper.   

Primitve Antique Furniture Kitchen Cabinet

Antique Furniture: Primitives

Primitive Furniture Antique furniture has different categories.  Primitive, or Early American furniture was mainly built by farmers from the 1700’s through the 1800’s.  They built most of this furniture during the winter months.   Locals would buy this furniture.  As a result of being so far away from urban areas their designs were years behind the latest styles.  Farmers built anything a…